Enjoy the tropic

65% dark gourmet chocolate: Unique sweet nacional aroma and flavours

Single origin cacao beans from the trees growing in small plantations at the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.

Golden rays of sun, pure rain, unique soils, the shadow of those trees, fresh tropical fruits growing under the open tropical sky and the effort of people from Ecuador and their families; all of them are in complicity to evoke you emotions and feeling of well being.

You will not find this in other place in the world.


Enjoy as you discover every tropical flavor in your mouth.

  1. Pineapple

  2. Baby banana

  3. Mango

  4. Orange

  5. Chilli



Two different packaging options.

Five special variations of fruit bits to spice up Ecuador´s finest dark chocolate.

One unique experience when you taste Choco-é.

Choco-é original box

Are you in the look for a special gift?

A simple, yet elegant packaging design that conveys the special care and attention that make every Choco-é an amazing treat.

A great present for every special occasion.

Choco-é slim box

The essence of the tropic, ready to go.

Our space-efficient packaging design that lets you bring Choco-é wherever you are traveling to.

Enjoy our assortment of chocolates with real tropical fruit bits whether you are home or abroad.

Fresh Costa


Creations that concentrate and express the very best of Latin America: its cultural and natural richness, as well as an almost unbelievable diversity of flavours.

With a permanent obsession of quality, our products' identity is a mirror of the blending of elements of the most diverse origins, the noteworthy sensorial wealthiness, and the confrontation of different cosmovisions, as well as the expression of the skilled hands of our artisans, the unyielding creativity of our artists, and the hard work of everyone who take part of the creative process, from the very conception till the birth.

  1. Fresh Costa
  2. Choco-é
  3. Kuna
border Our team A tribute to the people who help us everyday to create a better chocolate

Henry Ortega

He comes from a numerous family from Cuenca, where he learned the art of chocolate making.

April 2014

Fátima Mejía

Her teammates call her "Fati" and she is very proud to be from Chone, at Manabi state.

Fati is the one who helps us to add salt and spices to our Chilli and Salt bar.

Her relatives own a farm which has Nacional Cacao trees.

April 2014


Thank you for being with us in the Chocoseminar at Salon du Chocolat, Seoul!

Happy to share about Ecuador cocoa farmers.

January 2014

Galo Razalas

Simply said, he is the magician of plastics.

Always has a smile to give.

April 2014

Want to work with us? Join our team!

Come and join Fresh Costa.

We are looking for enthusiastic people that share our passion for quality and great flavor.

Contact us!

April 2014

Esteban Bolívar Méndez

Hard work, leadership and a great attitude towards each and every co-worker in Fresh Costa best define Esteban.

He has two sons and a little baby daughter.

March 2013


Kuná chocolate was selected as one of the most promising brands in Ecuador's Salon del Chocolate 2013.

For further information click http://www.kunachocolate.com

March 2013

Mario Maia

He is well known as "El Maestro". A master in the art of bean selection.

He has been inside the chocolate life since 2006 and considers Aucas the best football team in Ecuador.

April 2014


Very exciting news, Choco-é has arrived in Perú! http://www.choco-e.com Join the flavor!

March 2013


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